'One of my favourite humour titles of the season.'

Caroline Sanderson, The Bookseller

'The internet has devalued the anagram – it’s too easy to generate them these days – so to impress they have to be powerfully descriptive. Richard Napier clearly has the right sort of brain for them (‘Sitting in traffic behind a Cavalier, I’d think: what “a vile car” ’) and his don’t disappoint. Gordon Ramsay supplies the title.'
5 Stars.

John O'Connell, Time Out

"One can only be grateful for such generosity in these troubled times, and for a book which is also an absorbing party game. The same can be said for My Gonads Roar: The Twisted World of Anagrams by Richard Napier (Faber £9.99), a simple idea admirably beaten to within an inch of its life. It also made me laugh out loud."
Martin Rowson, The Independent

'My Gonads Roar will have the whole country laughing within minutes of picking it up.'
Leeds Student.org

'Twists names with amusing consequences.'
The Times


Selected edition: Hardback
ISBN: 9780571243945
Published: 06.11.2008
No of pages: 240
Welcome to the twisted world of anagrams...

What’s in a name, like Jeremy Clarkson (Only Cars Jerk Me) or Gordon Ramsay (My Gonads Roar)? A few vowels and some consonants – or a whole new identity just waiting to burst free?

In My Gonads Roar, expert wordsmith Richard Napier rearranges hundreds of famous names to create a parallel universe – like the world we know, but funnier, ruder, and much more vitriolic.




'The majority of Christmas titles are best left on the shelf, but Richard Napier's book of anagrams is one of the select few that deserves a look. His alternative monikers are rude, funny and often strangely apposite, with blokey puns that get funnier as you go, building up their momentum like a quick-fire comedian and carrying you along as you flick through the pages.' Velocity magazine

'In these current difficult times we all need a laugh. One of the more unique titles with hundreds of anagrams which often uncannily connect with the subject or person in question'
Gary Vincent, Magic FM

'The witty quirkiness of the humour and the undercurrent of irreverence throughout is great! I finished the book in one sitting.'
Tony Crafter, UK Anagram Champion

'A marvelous new book. The sports anagrams are especially sharp.'
Clinton Van Der Berg, The Times South Africa

'Hundreds of funny anagrams.'
Daily Sport

'Great new anagram book'
Garry Bushell, Daily Star